MODALIS has high expertise to offer in organizational and technical topics with the ambition to optimize your intermodal and rail logistics solutions.


Equipment definition

Before, during and after the manufacturing cycle, cargo goes through storage and transport phases. We determine whether or not the cargo can be stored in a container, i.e. dynamic storage, rather than traditional warehouse, tank, or silo storage.
Similarly, we look at the best way of conveying the cargo by container, via intermodal transport, rather than traditional transportation, i.e. by road, rail, river, sea or air.
If needed, we can operate a purely rail-based logistical plan.


Analysis of your needs

These approaches require us to go together with customers’ trough production processes, facilities and logistics set-up. MODALIS supports customers through the various stages of analysis and reorganisation of their operational flows.
Our containers, trailers, rail wagons as well as accessoiries are designed with constant innovation concept. To this end, MODALIS draws up detailed design briefs that focus, in particular, on efficiency, security, quality, ease of use and robustness. The design brief is discussed with and verified by the customer and then submitted to equipment developers. Work on new intermodal equipment regularly results in technical innovations that are subsequently patented by MODALIS and/or made subject to exclusivity agreements with certain developers (see MODALIS patent numbers EP1651314 and WO2004-1034763).



We specify how technical solutions are to be implemented and how the equipment is to be used. Guaranteed operation and maximum security are key, particularly when the transportation of sensitive, hazardous or high-value cargo is involved. As a second step, in case the customer wishes to implement the advice and research, we can act as service providers.



The key to successful integration of any new logistics solution is training. To this end, we can establish a framework and implement it in the client’s workplace. MODALIS is recognised as a training organisation (no. 93.13.14280.13) by the prefect of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region,
MODALIS offers superior know-how – organisational as well as technical – in optimising intermodal and railway logistics for its clients.

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