Tipping chassis are used for unloading of silo-containers, bulk boxes, open top containers, tipping containers with mining doors, ISO containers, swap bodies, …

Some customers also use them to speed up unloading of tank containers carrying liquid or viscous products.

The chassis are available for containers and swap bodies from 20 ft to 45 ft. Some units combine tipping of 20 ft as well as 30 ft and/or 40 ft containers on one and the same chassis.

Options: rotary feeder, additional landing legs, cooler, etc.

Tipping chassis 20 ft

Optimise payload and respect load distribution with this 3 axles tipping chassis.

For UK and scandinavian market, contact MODALIS for tailor-made solutions.

Tipping chassis 30 ft

30 ft tipping chassis for unloading of bulkbox containers, open-top containers, tipping containers and silo containers.

Also available in aluminium.

For UK and scandinavian market, contact MODALIS for tailor-made solutions.

Tipping chassis 40 ft

40 ft aluminium tipping chassis, equipped with airline, filtre, 24 Volt tipping engine & hose carriers.

Equipment rented for unloading of bulk box containers and pressurized silo containers.

More detailed information and tailor-made solutions upon request.

Tipping chassis with rotary feeder

MODALIS proposes 20 ft, 30 ft and 40 ft tipping chassis with rotary feeder.

This equipment allows unloading of bulk boxes with dry bulk products pulsed into storage silos on the customers’ plant.

More detailed information and tailor-made solutions upon request.


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