MODALIS’ technical and engineering skills enable us to design customised equipment to meet your requirements and comply with current legislation.

If you have a project that requires non-standard equipment, please contact our sales division to find the best solution for you.

Storage in Tank Container

Design solutions can be designed to overcome specific issues or to provide feedback on customers’ special needs. MODALIS can design and deliver tailor-made equipment.

Custom-made small tank

Supply of small TCs, ADRs with a capacity of 1.5m3 to meet specifications drawn up by the chemist. Assisting the customer with regulations and technical requirements.

MODALIS ordered and had manufactured small containers that met both the specifications and the regulatory requirements. The cooperation of all those involved – design, operation and construction – was the key to the project’s success.

Coated containers

Fep-coated CT : designed for temperature-controlled transport of a very high-purity product.

Coated containers : Austenitic or super-austenitic steels are not technically suitable for all situations. In these cases, we use a coating. Also, there is no “universal” coating capable of satisfying all situations. Each coating has advantages and disadvantages linked to the operating conditions. MODALIS offers a wide range of coatings and is constantly adding new ones, thanks to communications and technical collaboration with laboratories. This means that we can put on the market equipment with improved technical characteristics.


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